Tips for quick and healthy meal preparation

chopped vegies

Tips for Quick and Healthy Meal Preparation

Set aside a few hours once a week to plan, shop and cook for the week ahead.   Prepare and freeze meals for the upcoming week like stews, soups and casseroles.  These will come in handy on busy week nights.

Don’t waste money buying expensive pre-cut veggies.  Chop extra fruit and vegetables when preparing meals so you have extra for lunches, snacks and meals the next day.

Cook twice the chicken or mince you need and keep extra in the fridge to make chicken salad, san choy bow, or bolognaise the next day.

If you’re roasting vegetables, cook double the amount. Leftover roast vegetables can be added to a green salad or used to make a quick and easy frittata for breakfast or dinner.

Slow cooking saves time. With a slow cooker, you can prepare healthy delicious meals while you’re at work (or even while you’re sleeping).

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